“A daughter”

A daughter is God blessing,
A daughter made the difference for us,
A daughter loves, like none other to her father and mother,
A daughter changes sorrows to a smile,
A daughter makes our heart go tender,

This is our little Ruslyn, Ashely and Rosel.
God tender love for us is little “Adi”

“I Wish”

I wish time will come to a stand still,
when you are around,
I wish time will hold me back to hold you on,
I wish time will be only to spend time with you,
I wish time will never stop till I can hold you again.

|Our daughter|

Our daughter made the difference we never had,
Our daughter went the extra mile to put a smile that changed our world,
Our daughter outgrow us,

but she will never outgrow our heart,

Our daughter is who we love and adore like none to others,
Our daughter be blessed with everything she ever wanted,
Our daughter, “we wish many many happy returns of the day”.

God bless you more.


Love he long for,
You gave trust that turned love ❤️,
Love he wanted for,
You have respect that changed him,
Love he waited for,
You came to him as God’s angel 😇
Lasting ……
Love he imagined for,
You appeared as God’s blessing.

“The window”

A window opened to show me you,
A window define me to you
A window change the air I breathe on for you
A window made the difference to have life bring me to only you

My heart

My heart ♥️ beats only for you
My heart ♥️ misses to be only with you
My heart ♥️ wants the warm of your hug
My heart ❤️ misses a beat when with you


“Sorry”, truly makes a difference
“Sorry”, meaningfully goes a long way
“Sorry”, change thoughts in the moment
“Sorry”, is for you I have
“Sorry”, changed me thanks to you
I stand down and share my kind apologies for my statements and categorization.
Thanks for enlightening me on this situation, I ask for forgiveness.

God Blessed

God blessed and you appeared
God blessed and time stood to show me you
God blessed and winds came to a standstill
God blessed and my existence has meaning thats you
God blessed and his picture was perfect with you in my life

One Lady

One lady made my day that’s you
One lady froze time that’s you
One lady defined why I live that’s you
One lady made my house a home that’s you

One lady is all ever asked for and that’s only you

Change to change

To challenge the system, the new norm;
To change the game, the new elevation,
To rewrite the rules, the new way,
To move the system, the new shock,

They shattered borders
They disrupted disruption

“To put a dent in the universe”

All the very best to define the new norm for success….