A Shadow that shines for you

A shadow, I am to you,
A shadow, you can fall back on too
A shadow, I am for you
A shadow will shine a light on you
“Lighted to lighten”
Praise Lord almighty

You & me

I want to grow old with you
I want to breathe till the ends of life together with you
I want to sunrise and set with you
I want today to come when we glorify Lord Almighty together

“you and me”, is all I want.

Love to Love

Love, a word coined for me, and you
Love, a word defined is today
Love, a word that forms us today
Love, a word that bridges our lives

Love love love is all I will have for you each day


Air you need it
Air you can’t touch
Air you can’t live without
Air is everything for you


Air I breath is to wait only for you


Failure changed my outlook
Failure shook me up
Failure opened new horizons
Failure made me different


Failures in life Allowed me to reach great heights


Anxiety was bothering very existence
Life took over
Depression was creeping, all the way
Life became infectious
Frustration was hindering, all-round
Life is so beautiful
Hope took this one forward
Life unfolded beautifully to shock like none before

434 Days!

Away I was,
Away I came,

Time was lost,
Days were gone,

434 days, since my last hug,
434 days, since my last kiss,
434 days, since your last touch,
434 days, since I had your warmth,

My love will never be defined by time,
My love will be to see you smile till ends of time.

“Her Elegance”

The elegance you glow defeats none
the elegance you glow shadows, everyone
the elegance you glow outshines all
The elegance you glow Is rare bringing the day to a standstill

Happy connecting with you

“Her Mind”

The mind cry’s out loud in its silence,
The tears want to make noise,
The heart wants to be wanted,
The soul wants to have that life back,
The reality of today is God blessing to be enjoyed.

“Praise Lord Almighty”.


If you’re asking if I need you,
the answer is forever,

if you’re asking if I will leave you,
the answer is never,

if you’re asking what I value,
the answer is YOU,

if you’re asking if I love you,
the answer is I DO