My warmth | Your love

The warmth you all shared, treasured by me
The tenderness you all had, harbored me
The hospitality you showed, touched me deep
The love you imparted, *absolutely priceless *

Reactions and emotions

Reactions turned emotions
Reactions lighted a smile
Reactions, brighten the day
Reactions changed the say


Emotions, of love, are always to show away.

Chillaxing | Detox

To detox, is to be silly
To detox, is to relax
To detox, very important
To detox, to connect with your inner self

God bless you to have the smile glowing to the world.

My Sister ..

A sister like you completed me as a brother.
A sister like you made the difference as a family away from family.
A sister like you continued to look out for me.

Thank you ??
Thank you ??
Thank you ??

God made us siblings.

|Sun Shines|

The sun shines bright when you are with me
The sun shines brighter when you grow old with me
The sun shines brightest when I learn to love you more

Less to know that you are my sunshine

imperfect but perfect

I am not perfect to be a rich millionaire
I am imperfect to be a poor person
I rather am an emotionally rich poor person than living, being an emotionally poor rich millionaire.

A Shadow that shines for you

A shadow, I am to you,
A shadow, you can fall back on too
A shadow, I am for you
A shadow will shine a light on you
“Lighted to lighten”
Praise Lord almighty

You & me

I want to grow old with you
I want to breathe till the ends of life together with you
I want to sunrise and set with you
I want today to come when we glorify Lord Almighty together

“you and me”, is all I want.

Love to Love

Love, a word coined for me, and you
Love, a word defined is today
Love, a word that forms us today
Love, a word that bridges our lives

Love love love is all I will have for you each day


Air you need it
Air you can’t touch
Air you can’t live without
Air is everything for you


Air I breath is to wait only for you