knowingly or un-knowingly

Prayer is his form of hope,

knowingly or unknowingly was distant and hurt her,

to find a remedy in time, knowing that he really loved her,

having that last words of prayer to see if there is a ray of hope.

Death is giving you a second chance today, because life never will!


Departure is inevitable, meant to happen,

that surpasses all constraints of the world.

However this can be the best thing that has to happen to oneself,

“transforming and transcending the unknown.”


Departure of a loved one is painful,

It starts the journey to a new perspective on life,

that strengthens to a glow a new shade of oneself,


Falling in love

Falling in love is the irony of a relationship,

impression painted through deception,

to portray a mask, that in time would fade,

to boil out the reality that could be catastrophic.

Love or Illusion

Sky was the limit that defined, my love for her,

this was just an illusion for her.

Loved her soo much, let her go that heighten her happiness.

Time would not stop her.

Reality yet to surface to show, what behold the future for all.

I Miss you

It reads like this,

” I lay in bed gazing into the night, wishing you were next to me, who I wish to touch and caress gently like none has done before. My hands long to hug you and feel those cheeks and kiss you well in to the night. I understand life is too short for me not to say this, cause in the moment you left, a spark of feeling lighted up, “I miss u”. Yet the night gazed back at me telling she left you and that in time fate will allow you to meet again.”