Time & Distance: hard to measure

Time traveled faster than ever,

Days passed at lightning speed,

Distance couldn’t be measured on the normal,


Love in the air was intense to let her know that I am waiting like none has for her before.

Love will unite us!

The sky is what I got her,

Love is all I had for her,

The romance was in the air,

She still left, leaving me stranded,

Feelings unknown to all,

Hoping a day come when the sun rises, to hold her hand again.

limitation is never the last choice

“life will hammer you down,

it is a choice you make to get up


move forward to make a difference the world will see.”

” sometimes the limitation you think you have within and the fear you feel today, will just be an illusion tomorrow.”

The other side

Journey continues,

as I know what I want is on the other side of

“fear and limitations”

I have today.

Deadly Weapon!

Deadly Emotional Weapon,

– being very friendly

– not getting angry

– having a very sweet tongue


Transcended to achieve #liberation #whenidreamatnight

The passion she glowed #turneditallaround to #makemeunderstand

#ineedyou but #light was yet to #fallonher

elegance merges intelligence

to look into those eyes is to freeze time,

to journey through them is a pleasure known to few,

to understand that you carry,

an elegance merged with intelligence which is a  rare.

Dedicated to Motherhood.

Life unfolds in different stages
Life is mysterious at times
Life is beautiful went you experience motherhood
Life is at its best when your little one starts to outgrow her mother
Life gives the little one understanding and maturity
Life is not about the no of hearts you take in a moment, but each moment that took you heartbeat away watching your little one grow.


Misunderstanding is picked up so fast,

just to push the motive on oneself, for walking separate ways,

which in time will also surface lack of self-awareness and regret.

Time still waited for none and only hope took this one forward.