The fire….

The fire ? of this world is attractive,
The fire ? of the world is addictive,


The fire ? of this world is destructive.

Sharpness was indeed soft!

Sharpness was that look that’s sparkle through me,
Sharpness was the words that were spoken,
Sharpness was an attractive trait you glow,
Sharpness would be softened by a kiss ? I long for.

Mistakes were enticing!

Mistakes I made surprised her,
Mistakes I was the new experience,
Mistakes I did entice her,

Mistakes I did create a memory, that she cherished.

Enjoyed making mistakes!

Life never changed, but missed a heart beat!!

She returned like the weather never changed.
She touched like I was never touched before.
She smiled and the time came to a standstill.
She caressed like the gentle hands of an infant.

She indeed sparked a beat my heart never experienced.

Loyalty is rare and special.

She said, “I can be ‘loyal’,”
I said, “its very ‘rare & special’,”

She said, “she did be with me for who I am and not what I am or what I have”,
I said, “I would fly the ends of this world to come and put a smile on your face”,


Time unfolded mysteriously to tell the world they really loved each other.

Time, is how life was measured?

Time was consumed faster than thought,

Time is what I couldn’t stop

Time at the moment gave new beginnings,

Time unfolding the future,

Time made me more humane and grounded,

Times challenged me at the moment,


Times indeed continue to inspire the world even when the world doubted you,

Time did surpass and advance ahead to experience a beautiful and blessed year.

Rejection becoming a new Standard!

Rejection can be very nasty,
Rejection can completely destroy your well-being,


Rejection teaches you to never trust again,
Rejection emotionally strengthens you,
Rejection ultimately makes your superior.

A secret can be dangerous!

A secret you can have,
A secret you hide,
A secret you can’t unfold easy,
A secret you can take care,
A secret will make you mysterious,
A secret can indeed destroy your emotional investments,

Take careful steps  to conceive & managing
“A secret”