Feelings transcended!!

Hurt a condition, I want you never to have
Hurt a condition, you will never experience
Hurt a condition, we will keep outside


My emotions & feelings long only for you, not to hurt you but to love you more

Counting Days

Days will go and come,
Days will seize time to come,
Days ahead will be for you and me,
Days filled with joy and happiness,
A day for me to join hands with you, to grow old with you only.

Life, I have for you!

Life without sorrow, I want for you
Life filled with joy, I live to do
Life cherished with memories, I live the day for


Life with you, is all I wished for


Feelings, changed on me for you
Feelings, are of ❤️ for you
Feelings, my heart wants only you
My feelings of ❤️ is only for you.
Till the last breath in me.

Life transcended

Life hurts, but I want to bring you happiness
Life pains, but my emotions is to ❤️ you
Life wounds, but my feelings heal to love you more


Life changes, for me to be only with you

A Smile

To wear a smile, to face the world
To fear a smile, not the way
To share a smile, to make a difference
A heart-felt smile is all I want on you forever.


Silence, can’t be comprehended
Silence, can’t be understood
Silence, can’t be felt
Silence, can’t be measured


Silence, is something I never want for you.

I want to make your world colorful, happy, and blessed.

My Love for you

My love, inch by inch grow for you
My love is everything for you
My love wanders to differ for you
My love changes me for only you
My love, only yours

New Gen

New gen, was the observation,
New gen, was the style of thought,
New gen, was the way forward,
Thoughts transcended time and experience